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Importing a Storylines XML Into Premiere
Importing a Storylines XML Into Premiere

Get started in Premiere with your AI-assembled rough cut.

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  1. Import Your XML. After Storylines has sent you your XML with your highlight, open up Premiere and start a new project. Simply drag and drop your XML file into your bin, and it will import as a sequence.

2. Link Your Footage. When you open up that sequence, you’ll notice that the clips are not currently linked in the timeline. To get Premiere to recognize the clips, right click the clip, and in the options, find “Link Media”.

3. Locate Your Footage From Your Files. Go ahead and find your clip on your local computer through the browser, or click “Locate”, which will search your computer for matching names to your clip. You can download your assets in the email sent to you upon export, including b-roll.

Now, you’ve got a populated timeline. If you take a closer look at your sequence, you’ll notice green markers above each clip. If you double click it, it will show you the transcript of that clip.

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