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Ideal Types Of Video
Ideal Types Of Video

Uploaded videos should be 30+ mins in duration and voice-driven such as interviews and presentations

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Storylines can do a lot for you, but before you begin uploading your entire hard drive full of content, let's see what's the best kind of video to use with Storylines.

For best results using our AI, Storylines recommends:

  • videos that are 30+ mins in duration

  • videos that are primary voice-driven, such as:

    • interviews

    • presentations

    • dialogue

    • narration

    • panel discussions

    • keynote addresses

This duration length will give the AI enough content to parse and edit from. Voice-driven is important as the rough cut is edited based on spoken words.

What we DON'T support with Storylines AI:

  • Non-dialogue based videos

    • video game play-throughs with no voice over

    • silent videos

    • music videos

    • videos shorter than 10 minutes

    • social media reels (we make those from long form content, not the other way around)

    • Non-English language (at the current moment)

Our AI creates shorts from long form content, and does not generate new video. We just change your existing content into amazing social media length cuts!

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