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Creating a prompt in 'What is your story about?'
Creating a prompt in 'What is your story about?'

How to best use AI prompting to get the best possible outcome in your project

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So you may be new to using AI prompts - not to worry, it's easier than you think.

Prompts are used to guide the AI in the right direction for the highlights or soundbites that you are seeking in your video.

For Highlights:

Let's take a podcast about football for example - specifically, the Houston Texans. This podcast's episode has a theme, but plenty of sub-themes within it.

Let's say the theme is "What the 2024 Texans Roster Looks Like". Throughout the episode, there will be some sub-themes, like "Why CJ Stroud Will Win the Texans A Superbowl".

If you want to specifically target those times in the episode the speakers talked about CJ Stroud, you would write something like:

"Find me clips where we mention CJ Stroud".

"CJ Stroud's performance in 2023"

This will rank any clips mentioning CJ Stroud to the top, followed by the clips that Storylines AI deem as viral-worthy.

If you write something more generic, like "Houston Texans 2024 roster", then the highlights you receive back will be more generalized.

Think of it as a funneling tool for you to curate your best clips.

For Soundbites:

Since AI Selected Soundbites are more focused on finding 5-30 second bites of quotes primarily from interview footage, you can use prompting to curate a list of quotes from your source footage.

Let's say you just finished an interview with someone about new AI technology, and you're creating a teaser trailer that uses very specific quotes from your interview about AI video editing technology. You would prompt something like:

"Select soundbites of the guest talking about AI video editing technology".

This will make anything relating to AI video editing technology rank higher in the AI's selection process when picking soundbites of your footage. It's your way to directly talk with the AI and tell it exactly what you want.

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