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Customizing Your Captions
Customizing Your Captions

How to customize the captions in your video before exporting

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Customizing Your Captions: A Styling Guide

Creating the perfect captions isn't just about the text itself; it's also about how they look on screen. Our caption styling options provide you with a range of choices to ensure your captions are both functional and fitting for your video’s aesthetic. Here’s how you can tailor them to your needs.

Open Caption Options

To access your caption options, select the "CC" button on the top right of the edit page. It should look like this:

Enable or Disable Captions

Before you dive into the aesthetics, make sure your captions are set to display. Toggle 'Enable Caption' to 'On' to activate the caption feature and access all the styling options.


The placement of your captions can affect the viewing experience. Choose from:

  • Top

  • Middle

  • Bottom

Ensure your selection doesn't block any key visuals in your video.


Select a font that resonates with the mood of your video or brand identity. A wide selection is available from classic to modern styles.

  • Arial Black: A bolder, more impactful version of the classic Arial, perfect for making a statement.

  • Bangers Regular: A comic book-style font that adds a touch of fun and informality. Very Tik-Tok-esque.

  • Bebas Neue Regular: A clean, all-caps font that's both modern and highly readable.

  • Madimi Regular: Unique and stylish, this font brings a distinctive look to your captions.

  • Poppins Regular: A geometric sans-serif that's versatile and friendly, great for a wide range of video types.

  • Russo One - If you wanna get a little sci-fi with it.

Primary Color

This color defines the main text of your captions. A sharp contrast against the video background is ideal for readability. Choose a color that stands out yet complements your content.

Active Color

This color highlights the words as they are spoken, guiding the viewer's attention to the current dialogue.

Inactive Color

For words not currently spoken, the inactive color keeps them visible but less prominent, making it easy to follow the conversation.

Outline Color

An outline can make your captions readable against any background. The outline color wraps around the text, defining the borders to make your captions pop.

Logo Overlay

Enhance your brand presence by adding your logo to your captions. It's a subtle yet powerful way to maintain brand consistency and increase recognition.

The logo will automatically be placed in the top right of your video. Square logos look best with this placement.

These caption styling options are designed to give you control over how viewers experience your content. If you have any questions or need further assistance, our support team is here to help. Enjoy crafting captions that capture your audience's attention!

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