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Video Output Settings
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Storylines has 2 different AI video edit outputs today:

  • AI Selected Soundbites

  • Highlight Video for Social Media

Both outputs automatically are created for you, you do not need to set anything on import. When you get back the AI results, open the project and go to the panel on the far right to see all the highlights and soundbites.

What is a highlight vs soundbites?

Here's the differences:

Highlight Video for Social Media

Highlights for social media are AI-selected 1 minute bits of your long form video that Storylines AI chooses and ranks them according to our algorithm. These are to be used primarily on social channels like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube Shorts.

Here's some of the properties our AI uses when ranking:

  • viral keywords

  • how well is the story told within 1 minute

  • cohesiveness of story

We create 1 highlight per 500 words of transcript, so most videos around an hour in length will generate 10-15 highlights.

The best videos to use with this video output are podcasts, webinars, conferences, or anything dialogue-based that you want to create 1 minute social media videos from.

AI Selected Soundbites

AI selected soundbites are primarily used to find meaningful quotes and bites of information from interview or documentary-style footage. Think of them as puzzle pieces, intended to be placed together by you in a multitude of different arrangements to get the best possible story.

This is useful for making assembly cuts for your interviews when trying to find the story, or even organizing your interviews by subject by utilizing our prompting feature.

Instead of finding tiny 1 minute stories within your footage like Highlight for Social Media does, AI selected soundbites finds the best 5-30 second quotes and bites from the entirety of your project.

The best footage to use with this video output are long interviews, documentaries, and other footage you are looking to find small quotes from.

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